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Trust takes knowing your partner. Get to know your home inspection services partner by knowing what our services entail.

Love is in the air! Valentine season is upon us, and we want to go on a nice, romantic date with you. The love we have for our home inspection customers is unwavering. Therefore, we are always working to keep the love, trust and loyalty of our customers. We want you to know us better and grow to love us too. We want to show you the efforts we are making to meet the satisfaction of agents and homebuyers. To help us keep our love burning, let’s go on a date. You can ask the questions; any question, and we will answer them. At the end of the date, you would know us better.

We are going to answer those questions you worry about before taking the step to entrust us with your home, your investment property, or your clients. So why should you trust us? The first question we would be answering is, “what does your inspection include?”

What does our inspection include?

A TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission) licensed inspector should complete all home inspections in the state of Texas. These inspectors must report on specific items of the home. By the expectation of this governing body, the standards are pretty basic. We endeavor not to do basic. We work to make sure our inspections go above and beyond these minimum standards. 

Super Team Services’ inspections include a full structural and mechanical evaluation of the home from the roof down to the foundation. This encompasses, but is not restricted to, the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical systems. This includes thermal imaging scans. Thermal Imaging scans can help identify moisture penetration in your home by reading temperature differentials.

Regional based home inspection services.

Based on the territory, we offer region specific services match the need of the environment and characteristic features of the structures. Factors like climate, humidity, topography and prevalent wide life can shape the types of services we offer.

If you are purchasing in the state of Texas your Super Team Services home inspection will also include zip level measurements of your foundation. Because of the extreme temperatures in Texas this can cause our soil to expand and contract and can affect your foundation. We use Zip Level Measurements to measure the elevation levels at various points in your home, identifying any structural movement and determining its extent.

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Your Super inspection comes with a termite inspection otherwise known as a Wood Destroying Insect Report. This will check for wood destroying insects in your new home and also identify conducive conditions such as wooden fence in contact with the structure, high soil, heavy foliage, etc. We also will inspect the sprinkler system if the property has one. 

Places like Houston get a mold inspection due to the high level of humidity and moisture in that region. For places like Maryland, we recommend a radon gas inspection as part of the home inspection. In Las Vegas and surrounding town, a drone conducted roof inspection will be a service we would deliver. Different regions get bespoke service deliverables to ensure a comprehensive and conclusive home inspection.

Our love and dedication move the Super Team Services home inspection team to go the extra mile to ensure your property is safe and satisfactory.

Value added services.

In addition to this, you may choose additional services that you think are unique to your property. One of which is a Sewer Camera inspection. This checks the integrity of the main sewer line by sending a camera down the clean out next to the home and out to the street. This checks for cracks, root penetration and debris that could compromise the sewer line. Our home inspectors perform this noninvasive inspection.

If pests have been a concern for you in the past, or you want to protect your property from future invasions, you will want a pest evaluation done on your new home to check the property for pests and rodents. These professionals can also recommend a personalized treatment plan. An additional option for you would be to have cost estimations completed based on the inspector’s report so you can get a detailed picture of how much those repairs would cost to fix.  

We also train our inspectors in Pool, Septic, and water well inspections. If your new home has any of these items, we recommend that they are inspected before closing on your property. This will save you time from having to coordinate multiple vendors for your home inspection. 

Very soon, we will be deploying our specialized packages to suit different markets, audiences, and needs. They range from serving first time home buyers, farm and ranch inspections and even special inspection types for veterans and luxury structures.


I think we are off to a good start on this date. How about we get some food and drinks going? Do you have anything in particular from the menu? While you scan through the menu, think about other things you want to know about us, and we can talk about it while eating. Let us order a bottle of wine and toast to friendship, love, loyalty and trust.