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Farm & Ranch Inspections

We service the following locations and surrounding areas:

From Panhandle to Gulf Shore, Our Farm & Ranch Inspections Cover Every Acre in Texas

What is included in a Farm & Ranch Inspection?

SUPER TREC Inspection

Our Residential Property Inspection service is designed to minimize the risk of unexpected and expensive issues arising after you acquire your property.
This comprehensive inspection encompasses everything from the foundation to the roof, and from curb to curb.
This inspection includes detailed foundation assessments, advanced thermal imaging, a Wood-Destroying Insect (WDI) Report,
and a thorough irrigation system inspection to ensure your peace of mind.

Visual Inspection of ALL Components

Visual Inspection of ALL components means we will inspect every system within the home including structural, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, and appliances.
Unlike our Inspection of KEY Components, which focuses only on major systems, this all-inclusive inspection encompasses all elements of the property,
major or minor, equipping you with a profound and complete insight into the property’s overall condition.

Safety Inspection

Our Safety Inspection service is designed to identify and address any hazards that could potentially endanger you and your family.
We focus on critical areas such as detecting gas leaks, monitoring carbon monoxide levels, and examining for any structural issues,
ensuring a comprehensive assessment for your peace of mind.

Digital Summary Report (photos/videos)

Every inspection we conduct is accompanied by a detailed Digital Summary Report, crafted using Spectora, a versatile platform.
This report, accessible on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, provides an in-depth visual documentation of your home.
It includes photographs and videos highlighting any deficiencies, along with useful insights and information about your property’s
condition, ensuring you have a clear and comprehensive understanding of your home’s status.

Foundation Elevation Measurements

The expansive soils and extreme wet and dry weather can play havoc with foundations.
If you suspect adverse performance with your foundation, SUPER Inspector will determine correlating
signs of structural movement, including the use of zip-level technology to determine if the movement is within normal variances.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection

A thermal imaging inspection employs advanced technology such as FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) cameras and Infrared Cameras (IR)
to examine both the exterior and interior of a building or home. This state-of-the-art approach is specifically designed to detect hidden
water and moisture within walls, areas traditionally inaccessible to inspectors without invasive methods. Utilizing this technology
ensures a non-intrusive yet thorough inspection, revealing crucial details otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

A comprehensive Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection is designed to identify pests such as termites that pose a risk to the structural integrity
of your home. Recognizing the significance of these inspections, many mortgage companies necessitate a termite inspection as a crucial element of
their financial underwriting process. By including a WDI inspection, we ensure a thorough evaluation to safeguard your home against potential damage from these destructive insects.

90 Day Termite Warranty

This warranty accompanies the wood destroying insect inspection, offering you an extended peace of mind and assurance against termite-related issues following the inspection.

Sprinkler and Irrigation Inspection

A thorough examination of the outdoor watering system and its components on your property, designed to ensure its proper functioning and efficiency. Aims to promote water conservation, prevent overwatering or underwatering, and optimize the health and appearance of the landscape.

Super Team Home Services

Super Team Home Services delivers all-encompassing assistance for your home, spanning from inspection, move-in, to continual maintenance.
Our process begins with an insightful phone conversation to grasp your unique needs and schedule. Following this, our team conducts thorough
research to provide you with the best service options and pricing in your area. After you make your selections, we handle all the arrangements efficiently.
Finally, we check in with you post-move to ensure complete satisfaction with your new home and our services.

On-Site Client Consultation

Following your property inspection, we offer a valuable opportunity for a one-on-one meeting with your inspector right on the site.
During this session, the inspector will provide a detailed, in-person overview of their findings. You’ll have the chance to tour the property
with the inspector, allowing for a thorough walkthrough where you can discuss any identified issues and gain insightful knowledge about your new home.

Post Purchase Support

Our dedicated team of inspectors remains at your service even after the completion of your home inspection. We are committed to providing
ongoing support, helping home buyers and real estate agents gain a deeper understanding of their property. Whether it’s clarifying details in
the inspection report, addressing maintenance queries, or offering guidance on potential renovations, our experts are here to assist you every
step of the way, ensuring you have the information and confidence needed for your home journey.

Sewer Camera Inspection

An affordable video sewer camera inspection for your home’s main sewer line. This essential service is a proactive measure to assess the condition
of your drainage system, particularly vital for homes with potentially expensive-to-repair cast iron pipes beneath their foundations. Our advanced
sewer camera technology evaluates the integrity of the main drain, from the clean-out to the street, and then back under the house, ensuring a
thorough understanding of your sewer system’s health.

Water Sample (TC&E)

Water sampling can check the quality and safety of your home’s drinking water. Water sampling may be required by your mortgage company if there is a
private water well on-site. Our testing checks for common contaminants such as total coliform and E. coli, as well as lead and nitrates, to ensure the safety
and quality of your drinking water. Additionally, we offer a rapid field test capable of detecting a variety of potential chemicals in your water supply, providing
you with a quick and thorough assessment of your water’s condition.

Water Well Inspection

Our private water well inspection service comprehensively assesses the well’s functionality and all related equipment.
This includes a detailed evaluation of booster pumps, storage tanks, pressure switches, valves, and other critical
components to ensure your well system operates efficiently and reliably.

Septic Inspection

We offer a comprehensive on-site sewage facility inspection service, which includes a thorough examination of both conventional and aerobic septic
systems, as well as lift stations. Understanding the potential complications of a malfunctioning septic system, we provide a detailed assessment to
ensure the functionality and safety of your system, thereby preventing any messy and costly issues for homeowners.

Pool Inspection

Our pool and spa inspection service encompasses a thorough examination of the pool’s structure, all associated equipment, and essential safety features.
We know that repairs for swimming pools can be significantly expensive. Our inspection aims to provide you with a clear and comprehensive
understanding of what you’re investing in, giving you peace of mind before you take the plunge.

Standard Barn Inspection

Our Farm and Ranch package includes one comprehensive standard barn inspection. Mirroring the thoroughness of our standard home
inspections, we meticulously examine every aspect of your barn from the top to bottom and from front to the back. This detailed inspection
covers all critical systems, including electrical, plumbing, and any installed HVAC systems, ensuring a complete assessment of your barn’s condition.

Farm and Ranch Package

No farm or ranch is ever the same. In addition to the standard inspection service deliverable, you can select special services that match your farm and ranch’s needs. Now you can get more “moos” and less to lose!

Farm and Ranch Case Study

Tom and Emily are Bettie’s grandparents. They have a vision of a serene life on a picturesque farm and ranch property. They see themselves living amidst rolling hills, tending to livestock, and embracing the beauty of rural living. But they’re aware that this dream comes with unique considerations. This is an investment they want to pass on to the next generation and keep within the family long after they are gone.

Our Farm & Ranch Package is designed for dreamers like Tom and Emily. When they schedule an inspection for their prospective property, they’re greeted by an inspector who understands the intricacies of rural life.

Together, they explore not just the home but the entire property. The barns, the pastures, the water sources—everything is inspected with a farmer’s eye. The inspector checks the condition of outbuildings and ensures that the land is suitable for their agricultural dreams. Water rights and septic systems are examined to guarantee a smooth transition to rural living. Tom and Emily are armed with important information that will shape their future decisions.

With the Farm & Ranch Package, Tom and Emily aren’t just buying land; they’re investing in a lifestyle. They receive guidance on sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship, ensuring their dreams of farm life flourish.

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