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The Incredibles/Our Super Leadership


We’re the SUPER Team based in Texas with a passion for SUPER experiences for our team, clients, agents, and all we serve.

Blake Williams

President, MWW Services

CVO & CFO SUPER Inspector & SUPER Team Services

TREC #6810


Superpowers – Vision Caster, Super Excellence, Super Leadership

Our trailblazer, visionary, with a cowboy’s spirit of adventure. He’s got the hat and boots to match of course. His background in country club management and pest control led him to home inspecting. Which instilled in him the passion for excellence of provided services. He has inspired our “Yes” mindset and is empowering our team to connect and deliver Super service to all whom we serve.

Angela Williams

Co-Owner, MWW Services

CEO & CMO SUPER Inspector

“Wonder Woman”

Superpowers – Super Dedication, Super Passion, Super Recruiting

The companies voice of reason and supreme Boss Lady extraordinaire! Her background in education and sales has given her the passion of care! She dedicates herself to giving every client who calls Super to get the service they expect AND MORE!

Leah Ann Bergara

Vice President of Operations


Superpowers – Super Intelligence, Super Team Development, Super Follow-up

What a blessing it is to have Leah Ann at Super Team Services! Directing operations requires a sharp mind and quick processing, and Leah Ann’s tenacity keeps our ship afloat. She has a background in a variety of companies and her thoroughness and relentless work ethic is one of Super’s greatest powers!

Delta Napolitano

Director of SITA

“Super Girl”

Superpowers – Super Leadership, Super Processor, Super Follow Up

You can count on her to guide you through your buying/closing journey and beyond! As a young mom and 1st time homeowner herself, she knows firsthand what its like to walk in your boots! Her superpowers make her excellent at leading you through your concierge journey with a fiery passion.

Robert Dillin

Director of Field Services, SUPER Inspector

TREC #21702

“Captain America”

Superpowers – Super Strength of Team Leadership, Super Hunting and Fishing, Super Customer Service

Robert enjoys the simple things in life. Growing up a good ol’ country boy teaches you the hard lessons and how to survive off the land. Robert started bailing hay, found himself on oil rigs all over the US, and now Robert leads our whole inspecting team. His biggest passion is increasing the level of service and expertise our inspectors provide and taking care of any problems that arise.

Brian Hoffman

Director, SUPER Pest Services



Superpowers – Super Leadership, Super Customer Service, Super Knowledge

Ants, termites, bees oh my! You’ll hear that from the average person, but not Brian. He has been successful in pest control for decades and Super is so proud to have him on our team. In his off-time Brian likes tropical vacations and cuttin’ it up with old friends. His passion is giving above and beyond service and relieving the headaches caused by those persistent critters!

Super Inspector Texas Home Inspection logo

Home Services & Beyond!

Our Mission

To provide Opportunity and Super Experiences for our Team, Clients, Agents, and all we serve!


7013 S Interstate 35 E
Corinth, TX


Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-9:00pm CT
Saturday-Sunday: 8:00am-9:00pm CT
(817) 697-8737

License & Memberships:
TREC #21702, TDA CA #41794 | Standards of Practice | Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice

NRED #00760

Professionals On-Staff Include:
Licensed TDLR HVAC Technicians: TACLB00022053E |

Licensed Pest Management Professional: Licensed and Regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture, PO Box 12847, Austin, Texas 78711-2847 Phone 866-918-4481, Fax 888-232 2567 | TDA Consumer Information Sheet | TPCL0570143