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Renovations Repair Cost Guide

Kitchen Remodeling

  • Remodel Standard Kitchen: $8,000 up
  • Install Kitchen Cabinets: $150 – $250 / lin ft.
  • Install Countertop: $25 – $35 / lin ft.

Bathroom Remodeling

  • Remodel Four-Piece Bathroom: $6,000 and up
  • Install Standard Hall Bathroom: $4,000 and up

Room Rennovations

  • Room Addition: $125 – $250 / sq. ft.
  • Additional Story: $100 – $200 / sq. ft.
  • Attic Finish Out: $12,000 to $30,000

Interior Walls

  • Remove/Open Load Barring Wall: $2,000 and up
  • Remove/Open Partition Wall: $500 – $1,000
  • Install Interior Door Opening: $500 – $1,000

Detach Garage

  • Single: $8,000 and up
  • Double: $12,000 and up
  • Demolish and Remove: $2,500 and up


  • Rewire Entire House: $5,000 and up
  • Install Fire-Burglar Alarm System: $1000 and up
  • Outdoor Living Area: $5,000 and up

It should be noted when undertaking remodeling projects in areas of the home where water and/or pest intrusion are possible, the removal of wall coverings can reveal hidden damage, including water damage, wood rot, fungal growth, and the presence of wood destroying insects. The added cost of repairs to these types of conditions can be extensive. Examples of potential water intrusion entry points include but are not limited to the following:

    • Exterior Wall Penetrations (Doors, Windows, Pipes, Electrical Fixtures)
    • Roof and Wall Intersections (Step Flashing, Dead Valleys)
    • Roof Coverings and Flashings (Damaged Shingles, Exposed Fasteners, Kickout Flashing)
    • Skylights and Chimneys (Rusted Flashing, Cracks, Mortar Caps, Crickets or Saddles)
    • Bathroom/Shower Enclosures (Separated Joints, Deteriorated Grout,
    • Sink Vanities, Fixtures and Drains (Back Splashes, Leaks, Pipe Penetrations)
    • Water Heaters, Spas/Jacuzzi, Washing Machine Connections, Dishwashers
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