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Super Inspector is continuing to perform inspection services under the essential services clause found in recent “shelter in place” orders. Licensed home inspections governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission are a vital source of information for maintaining the safety, functionality, and habitability of personal residences (TREC# 6810). Moreover, the Termite report included with every home inspection identifies safety and treatment recommendations for observed pest and rodent activity (TDA# 0570143). Our inspectors are equipped and advised to take every precaution as prescribed by the CDC.

Safe, Virtual Inspection ServicesSuper Inspector is now offering a virtual inspection experience to help clients maintain safe social distancing and comply with local orders, while gaining the important information they need to make wise financial decisions. A virtual report experience means the customer gets the same quality inspection experience we now offer, and they don’t need to attend the inspection.

Virtual Home Inspection Graphic

Our Super Inspectors can highlight priority issues onsite at the end of the inspection through audio and/or video chat. We are equipped to use client preferred platforms, such as FaceTime, Google Duo, and Zoom. Following the delivery of online reports, inspectors are available to review reports in detail through additional audio or video conferencing.

Expedited Inspections – In addition to virtual, inspector-only inspections, we will work creatively to reduce time for family displacement. Agents are encouraged to call the office to discuss options on behalf of their clients. Again, all inspection findings can be reviewed virtually, and our multi-inspector teams and office staff are available to discuss any concerns following delivery of the report.

Please Note: If anyone involved in a real estate transaction is sick, running a fever, actively self-quarantining, or otherwise concerned about exposure, we respect the right of participating parties to stay home. We are waving all cancellation fees and will do everything in our power to schedule, re-schedule, or wait until the appropriate time to perform the necessary inspections prior to closing.