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Termite Inspections

Many mortgage companies require a termite inspection as part of the financial underwriting. Our residential home inspections include a Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) inspection provided by MWW Services, Inc. TPCL #13905. MWW Services is a strategic partner and shares management with SUPER Inspector.

Sewer Camera

SUPER Inspector is now offering cost effective video sewer camera inspections of the main sewer line (lateral). Drain repairs and/or replacement can be costly, especially if it involves cast iron pipes under an existing foundation. A sewer camera can help determine the integrity of the home’s main drain from the clean out to the street and 25-30 feet back under the house.

Pool & Spa Inspections

Pool and/or spa inspections include the pool structure, equipment, and safety features. Swimming pool repairs can be a major expense. An inspection will let you know just what you’re diving into.

Septic Inspections

SUPER Inspectors go above and beyond! We inspect conventional, aerobic, as well as lift stations. Septic system failure can be MESSY for homeowners! A professional inspection will include the functionality and safety of the system.

Private Water Well Inspections

A private water well inspection will include the function of the well equipment and a test of the water for harmful bacteria including E coli.

Foundation Inspections

The expansive soils and extreme wet and dry weather can play havoc with foundations. If you suspect adverse performance with your foundation, SUPER Inspector will determine correlating signs of structural movement, including the use of zip-level technology to determine if the movement is within normal variances.

“No Cape – Just Extraordinary Service”

Your SUPER Inspector, you will get a thorough inspection and a Whole Lot More!

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