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Inspection…NOW WHAT? Count Down To Moving Day!

Review, Understand, and Calendar your Contract’s Critical Dates

There are a number of critical dates in your contract. Your REALTOR is keeping track but as a buyer it’s best if you are also aware and understand what they are and why they are important.

Get A Home Insurance Quote For Your Lender

This will be a requirement from you lender to include in your estimate of your closing costs. We can help you with that, call SUPER Utilities, 817-MYSUPER (817-697-8737.

Start Packing

Don’t want to leave packing until the last minute. Get your packing supplies early, and take care of a little packing every day. Talking on the phone with earphones while packing is a great way to make the packing process fly by.

Change Your Address

You know you need to fill out an official mail forwarding form, but don’t forget to reach out to banks, insurance companies, magazine subscriptions, and anyone else that needs to hear about your move.

Transfer Your Utilities & Home Services

Whether you need to start, stop, or transfer utilities and home services, such as electric and cable, this should be ordered a month in advance. Then, you should double check that everything’s still scheduled shortly before. We can help you with that, call SUPER Utilities, 817-MYSUPER (817-697-8737

Provide Notice

If you’re not sticking at the same job, giving advanced notice to your boss is a no-brainer. But, there are also a few other people to update. If you’re moving out of a rental, you’ll need to provide a 30-60 day notice to your landlord, even if your lease is expiring. (Check YOUR lease for the specific required amount of notice)