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Foundation Inspection Questions and Concerns


We, sometimes, get questions or comments concerning the foundation portion of our inspections. We are one of a few inspection companies that include a foundation elevation survey with our inspections. We feel this gives our inspectors information to give a more confident opinion on foundation performance.


Inspectors are required by the Texas Real Estate Commission to issue an opinion as to the performance of the foundation. The inspector cannot simply defer to a foundation expert. He/She is required to give an opinion, the same as a foundation repair contractor gives and opinion and an engineer gives an opinion. The foundation elevation survey will show where the foundation is out of level and by how much. This is the same instrument used by foundation repair contractors and engineers when evaluating foundation performance. The inspector is better able to give an opinion when visual cues are taken into account with information from the elevation survey.

The elevation survey can also give home buyers more confidence in the inspector’s performance opinion.


For instance, there may be extensive fracturing in the brick veneer, which is often caused by seasonal temperature changes, called thermal cracking. Many inspectors and home buyers will consider this evidence of a foundation problem. However, when the elevation survey shows the foundation to be relatively level, the buyer will be more confident that the brick veneer cracks are not structural. It should also be noted that foundation repair is not a regulated industry.  The foundation repair contractor are not licensed by the State of Texas.

Licensed professional inspectors are required to participate in foundation inspection training.


At Super Inspector we take the responsibility of rendering a foundation performance opinion very serious. That is why we go above and beyond the minimum standards by performing the foundation elevation survey.


In addition, our inspectors receive training from an Engineering Firm on an annual basis. The firm, Lighthouse Engineering, gives our inspectors valuable insight as to how professional engineers look at foundation performance and evaluate performance.

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