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Do I Need a Termite Inspection?

You may ask yourself “Do I need a termite inspection in addition to my general home inspection?”


Termites are destructive little critters. They’re almost invisible, completely silent and have the potential to cause extensive damage before a homeowner ever recognizes he or she has a problem. Just uttering the word “termite” can make some homeowners shudder, and for good reason. Termites are active in 49 of the 50 states (Alaska is too cold to sustain them), and cause more than $50 billion in property damage every year.

If you’re buying a home, having it inspected for termites beforehand can save you headaches later. Actually, if you’re taking out a mortgage, there’s a good chance the lender will require that you have a termite inspection (as well as a general home inspection) performed before the sale is finalized.

A termite inspection is typically an expense borne by the buyer, but it’s worth the price. Most home purchase agreements are contingent on the results of independent inspections like termite inspections designed to reveal hidden problems and dangers:

If an inspection does reveal termite activity, it might not all be bad news. The signs may be leftover from a previous infestation that has already been dealt with. A qualified termite inspector will recognize the difference between current and past termite activity and provide a guarantee or written statement to that effect. If the home has been treated for termites, the seller should also be able to provide documentation of past termite treatment and any structural repairs that have been made (or may be needed) to fix termite damage.

If there’s current termite activity on the property, it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. Here in Texas, termites are so prevalent that having had a minor problem with them isn’t all that uncommon. If an inspection reveals that termites are present but the infestation is minor,talk to your realtor about the situation and let them guide you on how you want to proceed. This is one instance where it pays to get expert advice about the condition of the home and discuss the options with your realtor.

We have licensed pest management professional on staff for your general home and termite inspections and can be your second set of eyes when purchasing that new home. At Super Pest Services, our service is so good people think we have super powers! Give us a call if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Schedule a service at 817-MYSUPER or online at superpestservices.com