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Home Inspections in bad weather:

Most North Texas inspectors work in bad weather.  Rain is usually no problem.  Snow and ice offer challenges such as:

  • Getting to the inspection site safely.  North Texas is not an area prepared for ice and snow on the roads.  It can take a day or two before roads are clear for travel.  Many inspectors may want to reschedule your home inspection if there is ice and/or snow on the roads.
  • Ice and snow can obstruct the view of outside areas of the house and outdoor systems.  The main areas affected are the roof, sprinkler systems, and private waste water treatment systems.
  • Operating a sprinkler system in sub freezing weather can be dangerous.  The sprinkler my over spray on adjacent roads, driveways, or sidewalk and freeze.  This can be a slip hazard for cars and people.

The main problem is the roof.  It is likely the inspector will have to return on a subsequent date to complete the roof inspection.  This may incur and additional charge.  You may opt to have a roofing contractor inspect the roof for you when weather permits.  They will often do roof inspections at no charge.